Steve M – T25 Transformation

Steve M. is a hardworking family man and father of 4, and he just crushed Focus T25!!  Steve reached out to me after stumbling across my P90x YouTube video, and after scheduling a call I had a chance to learn more about his daily activities and fitness goals.  After a few minutes it of talking to Steve, it became very clear that time was definitely going to be an issue in trying to complete the hour long workout of P90x, so after he took a look at Jason and Gina’s Focus T25 results he decided to take a chance on this 25 minute program.

Early on we had long discussions about nutrition…and about his diet, and how weight loss is just a numbers game.  We also talked about how to avoid plateaus and how to be a food carrier.  I helped Steve with the initial meal planning and he just took off from there.   Now Steve is embarking on his next journey in P90X3. I look forward to helping Steve reach all of his fitness goals.

Well done brotha!!

Steve“I was in a rut, always looking for the “perfect program.” After watching an endless amount of YouTube videos, I came across Robert’s success story and signed up on beach body with him as a coach. He helped me to pick.a program that would fit my busy schedule. I had a good handle on my nutrition with Shakeology and using myfitnesspal. But what really helped me to stick with it was being placed in the Challenge Group. Starting a new program (at least for me) can be awkward and intimidating . In the challenge group, I met people that helped encourage and support me, people that inspired me by posting how many calories they burned in a single workout. It helped me push myself to try harder. The results speak for themselves. The support I got from the group is no doubt the “secret to my success.” Now, I’ve moved onto P90x3 and have recently become a coach myself. This experience has helped me to change my lifestyle to a healthier and happier one.” – Steve M

Steve M T25 Transformation

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