Phillip M – P90X Transformation

I would like to welcome Phillip M. to the 25 lb club! He lost 28 lbs in his first round of P90x. Phillip was a consistent member of his Challenge Group, posting his worksheets each day along with his crazy calorie burns on Kempo X!

I can’t help but look at this transformation and think of someone I know. The start weight, the end weight, the body type, all remind me of my first round of P90x. Which is pretty cool because Phillip will start his 2nd round on Monday and enter the world of 10 reps, where he will have what I call “10 rep problems” which include having to buy heavier weight. I really enjoyed 10 reps though…no more having to feel rushed because Tony and the others are doing 8 reps, and it just feels good to lift heavier weight!

Going into your 2nd round of P0x is a lot of fun because now know what to expect. No more surprises in Yoga, Warrior 3 starts to become obtainable (at least for me), ad it’s really cool to look back over your worksheets from day 1 to day 90 and see how far you have come, then you can just imagine would it would be like to see that kind of improvement AGAIN!

Well done Phillip! I look forward to see how you progress in your 2nd round!

Phillip Merrit Round 1 Resized

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