Body Beast Modification

While doing the Bulk Back Workout tonight I modified the Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows with the T-bar row with low row attachment handle. (170 lbs). Just another way to modify Body Beast if you have barbells. I love this movement. I used to do a lot of T-bar rows in high school and college.  Weighing in at 192 lbs tonight.


Merry Christmas!!  I don’t know about you guys, but is anyone else getting tired of seeing the “Elf on a Shelf” pictures floating around facebook and the internet?  I think it’s time for that little dude to BEAST UP!  That way he might be more effective in his duties of keeping my kids straight!


Tour of my weight room (with buying advice)

weight_roomI could not have completed Body Beast without my Beast Cave!  I started collecting weights when I was 16 years old making minimum wage at a sandwich shop.  Back then I had my weights in my Parent’s basement, and I wanted to upgrade that weight room, but was told no.  Which I am very thankful for since, as started telling myself that if I ever got to the point in life to own a house I would have a basement and a dedicated weight room.  In fact it was one of my very few requirements for getting a house, along with making my wife happy of course.   This video just let’s you step into my man cave for a bit and you’ll here how I went about furnishing my weight room.


Body Beast Day 60 Results

Still eating like a horse and ended up eating 4000 to 4200 calories to get my weight up to 197 lbs. My strength has definitly improved and my worksheets clearly indicate this. I like to draw a box over any improvements I have in my worksheets as it motivates me to keep “Going Up Wit Da Weight!”  MyDay 1 and Day 60 measurements are below…arms up 1.5 inches.  Bulk phase end, Beast Mode begin, time to get infomercial ready!