How to Start Exercising with Cancer

When you have cancer, you probably put most of your efforts into going for treatment and resting while you’re at home. What you may not realize is that physical activity and exercise can be a perfect complement to the treatment that you’re having done. Exercise will not get rid of your cancer or be some miracle cure, but it is something that can and should be used in conjunction with your traditional radiation therapy. Whether you are battling breast cancer or mesothelioma, you should with your doctor before you make changes to your daily lifestyle and begin exercising on a more routine basis.

One thing that you need to understand is just how beneficial physical activity can be for someone who is undergoing cancer treatment. Exercise provides the body with a boost of endorphins, which is the feel-good hormone that most of us get when we do or eat something good. You might get a rush of endorphins when doing charity work or by eating a block of chocolate. You can get the same feeling from exercising on a routine basis. This can help you if you’re currently suffering from depression or anxiety as a result of your cancer.

Another thing that exercise can do for you is that it strengthens the body and improves blood circulation throughout the body. People who exercise also tend to have stronger immune systems, which is ideal for cancer patients who have weakened systems due to treatments. The exercise you do does not, and should not be overly strenuous. Even taking a 10-minute walk around your block a few times a week is enough to give you that much needed energy and endorphin boost that exercise provides.

You should establish a regular exercise regimen with your doctor to make sure that you are getting enough physical activity throughout the day. People who are relatively healthy and active can benefit from exercise, so it only makes sense that cancer patients can get the same benefits and more. Your doctor can help you decide which workouts are best suited for your health and which ones you should avoid to prevent injury. It may even shock you to see just how good you feel after you workout for the very first time. You should expect an initial tiredness and soreness, but this will go away the more you exercise.

Body Beast Transformation – Aaron C.

For everyone that does not believe that a 20 lb gain is possible in 90 days, let me introduce you to Aaron C.  Day, after day, after day I have seen Aaron post his Body Beast worksheets to his Facebook Challenge Group, and week after week after week, Aaron’s weekly accountability pictures kept showing the results of his hard work.

There’s nothing magical here.  There is no secret.  You just do 6 simple things per day.  Workout, and eat 5 times.  Do this and your incremental improvements will compound over time.  Whether you are bulking up, or simply losing weight.  You will not go hungry.  You will not eat weird foods.  I will ask you to eat a balanced diet which WILL INCLUDE carbs.  Carbs are good for you..just ask Aaron, as 50% of all his calories over the last 90 days came from carbs on a 3000+ calorie diet.

I have just decided that if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it.  I talk to many people who just make excuses for why they do not have results…why they are quitting, or why they will not start, why they did not get out of bed, why they did not go to bed earlier…or why they cannot do in one year, what Aaron just did in 90 days.  These same people will try to label the ones who are making efforts…

Poster Final

No Regrets!

About this time last year I was watching a lot of P90x success story videos on You Tube trying to convince myself that I could do it.  Like many of you reading this I had tried and failed the program.  I decided after a long You Tube viewing session that there are just too many success stories out there that prove that the Beachbody solution works.  I have just crossed my one year Anniversary since making the decision to change my life.  DECIDE, COMMIT, and you will SUCCEED.

1 year REDUCED

Body Beast Modification

While doing the Bulk Back Workout tonight I modified the Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows with the T-bar row with low row attachment handle. (170 lbs). Just another way to modify Body Beast if you have barbells. I love this movement. I used to do a lot of T-bar rows in high school and college.  Weighing in at 192 lbs tonight.


Merry Christmas!!  I don’t know about you guys, but is anyone else getting tired of seeing the “Elf on a Shelf” pictures floating around facebook and the internet?  I think it’s time for that little dude to BEAST UP!  That way he might be more effective in his duties of keeping my kids straight!


Tour of my weight room (with buying advice)

weight_roomI could not have completed Body Beast without my Beast Cave!  I started collecting weights when I was 16 years old making minimum wage at a sandwich shop.  Back then I had my weights in my Parent’s basement, and I wanted to upgrade that weight room, but was told no.  Which I am very thankful for since, as started telling myself that if I ever got to the point in life to own a house I would have a basement and a dedicated weight room.  In fact it was one of my very few requirements for getting a house, along with making my wife happy of course.   This video just let’s you step into my man cave for a bit and you’ll here how I went about furnishing my weight room.