Cutting For Summer

Just a few weeks out until summer.  I have lost 8 lbs through controlled dieting over the last month.  Weighing in at 200 lbs tonight.  Really trying to keep my muscle mass while cutting so I have been doing it slow.  I will start to pick up the cardio a bit until Mid June.  I want to be in good shape for the Coach Summit at the MGM in Vegas!




How I get my coffee with my breakfast.

Made this video for my P90x Challengers who started their P90x journey this week. I wanted to show them how I get my coffee and breakfast at the same time. So proud of the ones that made it to Kempo today! Looking forward to seeing them get their shirt at the end.   Less than 250 calories total and so much better for you than anything you would get at Starbucks!



Body Beast Day 30 (Lean Beast)

Okay…so I started doing extra cardio and upped my protein the last few weeks of my Lean Beast round of Body Beast, and still gained a few pounds. My extra cardio included 10 to 1 sets of burpees followed by a light brisk walk on a treadmill over my lunch hour. I decided to do an extra week of Build workouts since they are longer and burn more calories and I’ll start the Bulk Phase tomorrow and start making some changes to my diet. I am weighing in at 208 lbs last night after my Build Chest workout. This brings my total weight gain to 10 lbs in just the first month. My goal is do end up between 200-205 lbs at 10% body fat by Summer.

Body Beast Transformation Day 30

How to take your measurements for the Beachbody Challenge

strawberrySo I get the question a lot. What measurement do I need to track?  How often to I need to take them?  When you submit your results for the Beachbody Challenge you will be asked for you before and after measurements along with taking your before and after photos, so not taking your measurements may cost you from winning the challenge! But more importantly, as your body changes throughout your fitness program the number on the scale may not reflect your true transformation. But measurements don’t lie, and it can be very comforting to see progress made in your measurements when you don’t like that number on the scale! Here’s how to take and track your measurements. Be sure to take them every 30 days!

Body Beast Results – Day 15

I am in my 2nd round of Body Beast on the Lean Beast schedule and have wrapped up my 2nd week.  Weight has stayed the same as last week hanging around 203 lbs (Up from 198 lbs) starting.  I would really like to end up at 205 at 10% body fat or lower.  So I will start doing additional cardio soon in the morning as I would rather burn the fat off than starve it off.  I will slowly make modifications to my diet and we’ll see how well I do.  Took my accountability pic tonight…and it reminded me of someone.


Les Mills Combat Results – Lauren L

Incase anyone needed some motivation today please check out Lauren’s Les Mills Combat day 60 results! 13 lbs lost in 60 days! I met Lauren last year when I asked her to take my Body Beast Day 90 results pictures. Little did I know that earlier this year she would contact me and decide to take the Beachbody Challenge with Les Mills Combat

We first worked on her nutrition and then I placed in her a Challenge Group of rockstars doing P90x and she posted up her accountability and got the support and motivation of others going through transformations. Now she is an inspiration and a great example of how hard work can pay off! She has 60 more days until summer and she plans to continue her journey with Chalean Extreme! Well done Laruen!


Body Beast Challenge! Day 1 (Lean Beast)

So I started with my Military Meat Head Challenge Group and weighed in at 198 lbs AFTER working out to Build Chest and Tris tonight, then took my Day 1 photos.  Since the end of my first round I have just doing my own schedule with 2 days off each week.   I pretty much followed the Bulk Schedule of Beast but in this order, Chest, Back, Legs, Off, Shoulders, Arms, Off.  Still eating like a Beast but not as tight on the diet.  I am definitely looking to see how Lean I can get on the Lean Beast schedule.  Beast Up!

Body Beast Lean Beast Day 1

How to Mark Up Body Beast Worksheets

Okay so we all have seen the work sheets for Body Beast, but how much thought have you put into writing things down?  What kinds of notation might you use that would benefit you on the next workout?  How do you handle and write down failures?  I find myself talking about worksheets a lot as they are so important to your results.  Properly writing down the worksheets let you know what to do on the current workout because you know where you have been.

Take the worksheet below posted to a Challenge Group from one my Rockstars going through Body Beast.  She has drawn boxes around all sets she improved on from the previous Build Shoulders workout.  You can also see how she handles failures in the Shoulder Press for example.  When trying for 12 reps using 12 lb dumbbells she reached failure after 7 reps, then dropped the weight to 10 lb dumbbells to finish out the last 5 reps.  Next week she may try to use the 12 lb dumbbells again and make it all the way to 12 reps, but if she doesn’t, and reaches failure at a higher rep than the 7th, she will box that set as it is an improvement.

The small incremental improvements you make will compound over time.  Boxing up your improvements will clearly show you how you are improving each week.  Do this for 90 days and watch how strong you can get on Body Beast!


Download Body Beast Worksheets Here!


Body Beast Worksheets

Body Beast Challenge Group!

I’m starting a Body Beast Challenge Group on March 11th for active duty and military veterans and their spouses! My best friend serving is serving in the Army is in Afghanistan and he will be in this group along with some of his soldiers, and we will also have the Marines represented in here as well.

If you are interested please e-mail me at

This will not be your ordinary challenge group as there are former drill instructors in here!  This group is not for the faint of heart…EXCUSES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will be answered directly by quotes from “Full Metal Jacket.”


I am looking for the Nation’s finest to join me in BEASTING UP! That’s right my friends. I will post along side this group for motivation and do another full round of Body Beast!  This is just the group I need to get motivated to hit my goals this summer as my cutting phase is about to begin!

If you are Active Duty (or spouse of active duty) please ask me about the Beachbody Military Discount! It’s even better than my coach’s discount! Let’s go!


Got Accountability?

I can think of two reasons why so may people like to workout in groups, or why so many people like having a workout buddy.  The first reason is that these people are looking for someone push them in their results, and the 2nd reason is that they are also looking for someone to be held accountable to.

But what are you going to do when you cannot find a workout buddy?


Enter the The Beachbody Challenge Group. The Challenge Group is a secret Facebook group of people going through the same program with the same start and end day. It is a place where the Challengers can post daily accountability, but it is also a place where the Challenger can get the support of a coach as well as the other challengers. It is very motivating to see an entire group of people change right before your eyes. The changes that take place motivate you to push yourself harder, which gives you better results, which inspires the other challengers to get better results.

I completed two rounds of P90x, but in my 2nd round I got into a Challenge Group led by a coach. I posted daily accountability as well as my worksheets (WHAT!?!?)…yeah…I posted worksheets. It is one thing to say you worked out, it is another thing entirely to post a picture of your worksheet.

If you want your results to go to the next level then commit to one of my Challenge Groups.   The only cost to enter the group is the food you will be eating for breakfast…that’s it. Once I have this commitment I am after your SUCCESS STORY. We start working on your nutrition down to the calorie targets, macros, and meal planning based on your specific goals (simple weight loss, toning up, shredding up, bulking up). Then we pick a workout program like P90x, Body Beast, Chalean Extreme (or some unique hybrid) that works for you and your schedule and the equipment you have available or that you can obtain. You workout on your own time and then make daily posts to your Challenge Group.  This is a system that works. It is how I got my results. It is impossible to fail at your goals if you make the commitment.

In addition to this service, I make sure all of my Challengers are motivated, and on track to complete their respective programs, but also entered into the The Beachbody Challenge where they will get a program completion shirt (that cannot be purchased). Entering the Beachbody Challenge also gives my clients a chance to win some money and have their story featured on Beachbody’s website.

I will remove all of your excuses for reaching your goals. I will help you change your life.