Body Building Breakfast

Egg whites and oatmeal are staples of a body building diet whether one is bulking or cutting.  Now that both of my boys are old enough to be in school our morning routine has changed and in the interest of time I simply put the oatmeal and egg whites in a smoothie.

The Dedicated

  • 1 scoop of Chocolate Vegan Shakeology
  • 3/4 cup of dry oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup of frozen blue berries
  • 1 and 1/3 cup of egg whites
  • 6 oz of water
  • 1 cup of ice

Nutritional Information:
Protein: 62 grams
Carbs: 55 grams
Fat: 8 grams
Total Calories: 540

Do You Even Meal Prep?

I love all the “Do You Even” shirts and phrases being thrown around the gyms and social media…but any serious bodybuilder knows how important meal prep is to staying on target. So I have to ask the question…”Do You Even?” You’ll find that the team members making the success stories tab on this web site prepped their meals. It was all part of the plan to reach their goals. Certainly makes life easier. I made a short video to talk a little bit about the meal prep that I do, but more importantly I present some general concepts. Whether your are a Body Builder, or just someone looking to lose a few pounds, prepping your meals takes your to your results so much faster…and makes your week incredibly easy!

Body Building Meal Prep

Egg White Pancakes (Chocolate)

Over the past 3 months I have really tightened up on my diet for my bodybuilding goals. My current meal plan calls for 2 cups of egg whites and 1/2 cup of oatmeal in the morning along with a 1/2 cup of berries. So I came up with a different way to get this meal in.

Chocolate Shakeology Eggwhite Pancakes
1 scoop of Chocolate Vegan Shakeology
1/2 Cup of Oatmeal
1.5 cups of egg whites
1/4 cup of sugar free pancake syrup
1/2 cup of strawberries
1 table spoon of instance coffee

Nutritional Information:
Protein: 61 grams
Carbs: 51 grams
Fat: 7 grams
Total Calories: 511

eggwhite pancakes

Aaron C. Put on 50 lbs with Body Beast!!

Today is a great day for some recognition. Aaron Cochran, welcome to the 50 lb club!!!! 50 lbs GAINED!!! 128lbs when we met last year. Now sitting at 178 headed to 185. So proud of this guy…never seen anyone work harder…EVER. I would consider Aaron the drum beater of the Dedicated Republic…dude always get’s in the workout…if you guys only knew how much he had to eat. I love meeting the DR team members in person, and we got to hangout in Vegas at the annual coach conference, where Aaron got to meet the Beast himself…Sagi Kalev!

Aaron C Body Beast Transformation 50 lbs gained

Aaron C Body Beast Transformation

Coach Summit in 2 weeks!

I must say my wife and I have really been putting in the time in the gym. I have to give her a special shout out for becocming one of the P90X3 Coach Success Story contest winners and she’ll be in the VIP section during one of Tony’s morning group workouts. It’s so surreal now…as she inspired me to start P90X in the first place…now we both are official success stories for P90X!

If you are going to summit drop by and say hi as she is now up to 15 pullups!!! My original motivation for stepping up my fitness was to enter the Beachbody Classic but unfortunately I will not be able to make that event. I am however progressing with my fitness as if I am competing learning so much in the process. I attribute 100% of my success so far to a solid plan and CONSISTENCY!! I have been prepping my meals over the last two months with an additional cardio schedule added to my weight routine. The result is what you see below. I am weighing in at 188 lbs yet my arms are 17 inches. Diet is everything and also the most overlooked item in fitness. Yes you lift…but Do You Even Mealprep?

If you need help with motivation, meal prep, or a routine, or just do not know where to start I would encourage you to add and connect with me on Facebook, use the contact form on this website, or send me an e-mail to and let’s just start the conversation. We love what we do.

Body Beast Transformation - Robert MaryJane

Lauren L. – P90X3 Transformation

Lauren L. is a Dedicated Republic Team member, hardworking teacher working towards her masters degree, and she just crushed P90X3 losing 20 lbs and 10% body fat in 90 days!  Lauren inspired our entire team by posting her P90X3 worksheets and weekly weigh ins to our Challenge Group.  She is a shining example of what consistency can do for you.  Good nutrition with Shakeology and the peer support of the Dedicated Republic helped propel her results.  Lauren, welcome to the 20 lb club!

If you live in the United States or Canada, and want to take part in the next Dedicated Republic Challenge group that is changing many lives, please send me an e-mail to or just find and add me on Facebook and we can message there. Our first task will be to schedule a phone call to discuss your fitness goals. Hope to hear from you soon!

Lauren L Tony Horton P90X3 Transformation Results Women

How to increase your pullups.

I just wanted to share what P90X3 has done for my wife in terms of increasing pullups.  She started X3 with the limiting believe that “I can’t do pullups.” I noticed this limiting believe by simply looking at her Total Synergistics worksheet…as all of her pullups were assisted.

I know well and good that she could at least do one pullup as seeing her do three pullups two years ago motivate me to start P90x in the first place (I could only do one at the time), so when I told her to go to failure on pullups before assisting them she found out she could do three. She then made pullups her mission on X3, so before and after every workout she goes to failure on pullups. Today she has just finished her 10th week of P90X3, and how fitting it is that she can now do 10 unassisted pullups!!

Keep going, and squash your limiting beliefs!! If my awesome wife can go from 3 pullups to 10 in in 10 weeks, there’s no reason you guys can’t do the same. Take yourself to another level on these workouts.  There is a slight edge difference in how the Dedicated Republic do P90x, and how others do P90X.  The difference is small…but the results compound over time.

Steve M – T25 Transformation

Steve M. is a hardworking family man and father of 4, and he just crushed Focus T25!!  Steve reached out to me after stumbling across my P90x YouTube video, and after scheduling a call I had a chance to learn more about his daily activities and fitness goals.  After a few minutes it of talking to Steve, it became very clear that time was definitely going to be an issue in trying to complete the hour long workout of P90x, so after he took a look at Jason and Gina’s Focus T25 results he decided to take a chance on this 25 minute program.

Early on we had long discussions about nutrition…and about his diet, and how weight loss is just a numbers game.  We also talked about how to avoid plateaus and how to be a food carrier.  I helped Steve with the initial meal planning and he just took off from there.   Now Steve is embarking on his next journey in P90X3. I look forward to helping Steve reach all of his fitness goals.

Well done brotha!!

Steve“I was in a rut, always looking for the “perfect program.” After watching an endless amount of YouTube videos, I came across Robert’s success story and signed up on beach body with him as a coach. He helped me to pick.a program that would fit my busy schedule. I had a good handle on my nutrition with Shakeology and using myfitnesspal. But what really helped me to stick with it was being placed in the Challenge Group. Starting a new program (at least for me) can be awkward and intimidating . In the challenge group, I met people that helped encourage and support me, people that inspired me by posting how many calories they burned in a single workout. It helped me push myself to try harder. The results speak for themselves. The support I got from the group is no doubt the “secret to my success.” Now, I’ve moved onto P90x3 and have recently become a coach myself. This experience has helped me to change my lifestyle to a healthier and happier one.” – Steve M

Steve M T25 Transformation

21 Day Fix Nutrition!

Autumn-Calabrese-21-Day-Fix Results I first had a chance to preview the 21 Day Fix at the Leadership Conference last Fall at Dana Point. We had no idea what to expect when Autumn Calabrese came out to lead our morning workout. The incredibly efficient workout lasted a 30 minutes and consisted of 1 minute intervals with 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest all the way through. Later on in the conference we heard more details about the nutritional plan and I must say it is as simple as the workout. Basically if your food fits int the containers you can eat it. No more calorie counting! The video below contains detailed information about the nutrition plan of 21 day fix, listen to what Autumn has to say about drinking wine on this program.

Click Here for the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

21 day fix nutrition meal plan

P90X3 Results (Week 3)

I am really impressed with results I see coming from the Dedicated Republic team members. In just the first week alone Phillip M. lost 6 lbs, Lauren L. lost 7 lbs, and Aaron C. lost 5 lbs. I have just finished the 3rd week an I am down 7 lbs. Starting at 198 lbs and ending up at 191 lbs. I am really trying to stay around 190 lbs so it looks like I am going to have to start eating more. X3 is the real deal and it is only 30 minutes per day. I must say that my favorite workouts are “The Challenge” and “CVX.” I look forward to next phase of this program and getting shredded with the rest of the team.

If you want to considering the P90X3 program and would love the nutritional support of the coach and an accountability from an entire team of people who are going through transformations as well I would encourage you to add and connect with me on Facebook, or just use the contact form on the bottom right hand corner of this webpage. We can just review your goals and map out and execute a plan to get there.

P90X Transfomation - Robert Broussard - Week 3