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P90X2: Developed by the Original P90X Creator, Tony Horton

If you’re Tony Horton fans and P90X fanatics, you might have heard of P90X MC2 (Muscle Confusion 2), but now it is going to be named as P90X2 – simpler and easier to say! With P90X2 workout, P90X grads can get even stronger, more flexible, and more ripped. This program is designed for maximum intensity and efficiency, which will take your fitness to the world class athlete’s level. I can say with confidence that P90X2 would be better and more effective than any other training for pro-athletes out there.


So we know that P90X2 is designed for more muscle confusion and to challenge P90X users more (I mean come on, Ive been doing P90X for 11 rounds now, and I do need something new that is tougher), but what are the new and different things in P90X2 compared to the good ol’ P90X?



P.A.P. stands for Post Activation Potentiation, a phenomenon that refers to enhancement of muscle function as a result of its contractile history. With the help of Dr Marcus Elliott from P3, Tony incorporated P.A.P. concept into the routine. Just imagine, you will get the same training techniques used by world class athletes. You will be able to jump higher, run faster, and lift heavier. At some level, not only you will improve your athletic performance, but you will look better and more ripped!

Read more on P.A.P. here.

5 Day Schedule

Unlike the traditional P90X, you will now have 5 workout days per week with 1 day of active resting, and 1 day of full rest. Don’t think that just because you have 2 days of rests means that you could slack! Just like drinking the P90X Recovery Drink, you need to workout hard to earn the drink – same case for the 2 day rest. You have to workout intensely so that you earn those 2 days of rest. Remember what you learned in P90X: The body can only grow stronger at rest. So this time around, you’re earning more of it.

Oh yeah, the new Yoga will only be 1 hour long!

No Traditional Cardio

No way! The reason why there wont be any cardio is because all the routines are fast paced, synergistic and working more on your agility, core and sports performance. Your heart rate will be fast enough when doing P90X2 that the traditional cardio is no longer required

If you still want to do the traditional cardio, then you could do it on the active rest day. Go on a hike, biking, swimming or running with your dog. Or find other Beachbody cardio that you like and do it, just as long as the cardio is not too intense.

New Equipment

You will need a Balance Ball (Swiss Ball), Medicine Balls, a Foam roller, and a new chin up assist band. These new pieces of equipment will help stabilize your core, help you be more flexible, and let you ease into some of the harder pull up moves.


How is P90X2 is different than P90X? Then watch this 2 min video:

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