Being a Food Carrier

Over the weekend my family and I went to some local Fall Festival with the kids and my wife packed some snacks and actually a lunch for everyone (I had no idea). I completely underestimated how long the day would run as we went to a local park after the Fall Festival and we arrived about lunch time. With Body Beast and Body Building in general, you almost have to make a conscious effort to eat, even when you are not hungry. You have to feed the machine! As we were getting the food out, I discovered that she packed my 1/3 box of wheat pasta and found a bag of almonds. My wife is awesome in that she remembered to bring what I needed even though I completely forgot. So I sat there eating my 1/3 box of wheat pasta and 1/4 cup of almonds right there on the park bench. Even on the weekends you need to be a food carrier!

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