Dream Big! Coaching Opportunity

Carl Daikeler Since my trip from Dana Point I have been getting a lot of questions about Beachbody Coaching.   I must say I started out in this business because I love helping people change their lives. I like nothing more than to add another success story to this website. It just validates my reason for doing this. What people seem to forget is that the people who go through these transformations have families who are impacted by their decisions. I know in my own case my family started eating different meals based on my decisions to eat healthier. My wife MaryJane started to change the way she cooks and the end result is that my kids eat healthier. The role a coach plays in positively impacting someone’s life actually affects the person’s family and circle of influence. Pretty cool trip when you think about it. The number of lives you can affect as a coach in just a few yeasrs can be staggering…

If you believe in making a difference in peoples lives and you have a passion for fitness and are interested in learning more about coaching then please watch the video below. If you are interesting in joining the Dedicated Republic team of coaches then please e-mail me at robert@dedicatedrepublic.com and let’s schedule a phone call so we can talk about your fitness and business goals and see if you are a good fit for my team. The Dedicated Republic is growing and I am excited about the difference we can make over the coming years!

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