Two New Coaches in the 100 lb club!!

So it appears we have 2 new coaches in the Dedicated Republic team who not only lost over 100 lbs each, but both are Beachbody Challenge Winners during the SAME month in different age categories, AND…both have are in the running to be considered one of the finalist for the $100,000 Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize this year in Indianapolis at the yearly Coach Conference (Summit).

The cool part is that Jeff Rogers personally sponsored Rigo into this business after Rigo hung out with our support group using our Guest Pass system in February.

Though both coaches won the Beachbody Challenge, they had no idea they won in the same month until Rigo saw it on the Beachbody Challenge webpage.

So how cool is that?!? So this now makes 6 Dedicated Republic Coaches in the 100 lb club…100 or more lbs lost!!!

Sometimes I get a bad wrap for appearing to focus on bodybuilding and that could not be further from the truth. While bodybuilding is a passion of mine, so is CHANGING SOMEONE’S LIFE.

And not just the of the customer/client, but those of the lives of their family members as the newly learned habits and postive outlooks on life tend to trickle down or at least have a positive impact to the immediate family members.

Most people I work with honestly have zero intentions of getting on the stage, in fact most I work with just want to lose weight and are just looking for how to start with a busy schedule, full time job, and a family.

If this is you I would encourage you to reach out so we can at least start the conversation. From time to time I allow guests into our support system producing these success stories you see in the image below and you could get an idea of what it’s like to have an entire team of people who have not only been where you are, but succeeded in the goals you are trying to reach.

How would you like to meet Jeff and Rigo? Well you can!! They are regular contributors in our March Challenge group and they both get on the weekly Video Support calls I host on Thursday nights.


Kristine B. Toned Up with Body Beast!

Need to take a moment to recognize and international client by way of Panama!! At the age of 56 Kristine B. decided to take up body building and she chose Body Beast as her programming. One day she stumbled across this website and reached out for help on dieting. Her goals were to lose a few lbs and to have her abs showing. Through our weekly Skype calls I was constantly reminded about what it takes to be successful. Attitude is EVERYTHING!! Kristine had limited foods and very limited equipment in Panama but did “Whatever It Takes” to get results!! So proud of this woman!!  By they way…Kristine is in the running for the next Body Beast infomercial!!

Kristin B Body Beast Transformation Body Beast ResultsKristin B Body Beast Transformation Body Beast Results 2



MaryJane’s 1 Year Transformation

So proud of this woman I am privileged to call my wife. MaryJane Broussard has been such an inspiration to our team over this past year as we all watched her go from 3 unassisted pull-ups in January to 16 unassisted pull-ups by June as she progressed from T25 to P90x3 to Body Beast. MaryJane is one of the the most consistent posters in our Team Facebook Challenge Group and her consistency is paying off!!

MaryJane P90x3 Results T25 Results Body Beast Results Transformation

MaryJane Body Beast Results Sagi KalevMaryJane P90X3 Results


Aaron C. Put on 50 lbs with Body Beast!!

Today is a great day for some recognition. Aaron Cochran, welcome to the 50 lb club!!!! 50 lbs GAINED!!! 128lbs when we met last year. Now sitting at 178 headed to 185. So proud of this guy…never seen anyone work harder…EVER. I would consider Aaron the drum beater of the Dedicated Republic…dude always get’s in the workout…if you guys only knew how much he had to eat. I love meeting the DR team members in person, and we got to hangout in Vegas at the annual coach conference, where Aaron got to meet the Beast himself…Sagi Kalev!

Aaron C Body Beast Transformation 50 lbs gained

Aaron C Body Beast Transformation

Lauren L. – P90X3 Transformation

Lauren L. is a Dedicated Republic Team member, hardworking teacher working towards her masters degree, and she just crushed P90X3 losing 20 lbs and 10% body fat in 90 days!  Lauren inspired our entire team by posting her P90X3 worksheets and weekly weigh ins to our Challenge Group.  She is a shining example of what consistency can do for you.  Good nutrition with Shakeology and the peer support of the Dedicated Republic helped propel her results.  Lauren, welcome to the 20 lb club!

If you live in the United States or Canada, and want to take part in the next Dedicated Republic Challenge group that is changing many lives, please send me an e-mail to or just find and add me on Facebook and we can message there. Our first task will be to schedule a phone call to discuss your fitness goals. Hope to hear from you soon!

Lauren L Tony Horton P90X3 Transformation Results Women

Steve M – T25 Transformation

Steve M. is a hardworking family man and father of 4, and he just crushed Focus T25!!  Steve reached out to me after stumbling across my P90x YouTube video, and after scheduling a call I had a chance to learn more about his daily activities and fitness goals.  After a few minutes it of talking to Steve, it became very clear that time was definitely going to be an issue in trying to complete the hour long workout of P90x, so after he took a look at Jason and Gina’s Focus T25 results he decided to take a chance on this 25 minute program.

Early on we had long discussions about nutrition…and about his diet, and how weight loss is just a numbers game.  We also talked about how to avoid plateaus and how to be a food carrier.  I helped Steve with the initial meal planning and he just took off from there.   Now Steve is embarking on his next journey in P90X3. I look forward to helping Steve reach all of his fitness goals.

Well done brotha!!

Steve“I was in a rut, always looking for the “perfect program.” After watching an endless amount of YouTube videos, I came across Robert’s success story and signed up on beach body with him as a coach. He helped me to pick.a program that would fit my busy schedule. I had a good handle on my nutrition with Shakeology and using myfitnesspal. But what really helped me to stick with it was being placed in the Challenge Group. Starting a new program (at least for me) can be awkward and intimidating . In the challenge group, I met people that helped encourage and support me, people that inspired me by posting how many calories they burned in a single workout. It helped me push myself to try harder. The results speak for themselves. The support I got from the group is no doubt the “secret to my success.” Now, I’ve moved onto P90x3 and have recently become a coach myself. This experience has helped me to change my lifestyle to a healthier and happier one.” – Steve M

Steve M T25 Transformation

Marcus B. – P90x Transformation

Need to give a shout-out to another Dedicated Republic team member for his impressive P90x Transformation. Marcus Billie, welcome to the 40 lb club!

Round 1 Start: 260 lbs
Round 1 End: 220 lbs

Marcus contacted me after he saw my P90x Transformation on YouTube. And I’m so glad he did, because I love talking to people who are driven and who know exactly what they want. Marcus wanted to drop 20 lbs in his first round of P90x…and he did it in only 6 weeks! This is not uncommon at all with P90x and most people tend to hit realistic weight loss goals in the first 2 months, but unfortunately many become content as they never expected to make it that far. I explained this phenomenon to Marcus and challenged him to set a new goal for the remaining 6 weeks of P90x, so what did he do? Marcus decided to drop 20 more pounds and the result is what you see below.

Some people just want it more than others…that is all I can say. Do you guys want to know what it’s like to start a 2nd round of P90x? All you have to do is look at the expression on his face in the after picture. It says “I got this!” No more guesswork on the diet as Marcus is already dialed in. He’ll move into the world of 10 reps and is already wide back will just keep getting wider.

The Beast will be unleashed by the end of his 2nd round…and everyone in his Challenge Group is rooting him on. DO WORK SON!!


P90x Transformation P90x Results - Marcus B

Gina D. – T25 Transformation (Alpha and Beta)

“If I quit smoking I’ll gain weight…” is just another excuse that the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED. I have to congratulate one of the Dedicated Republic team members, Gina D. on being 8 weeks smoke free! Not only did Gina quit smoking during her journey with Focus T25, she lost just over 10 lbs and over 14 inches along the way! Did I mention she completely transformed her body?! Check out her transformation below!


Focus T25 Transformation - Gina D
Gina had the support and accountability of my T25 Challenge Group. It’s amazing what can happen inside a Challenge Group. Early on Gina admitted she was trying to quit smoking and then we found out that other members of this group were trying to quit as well, and then other members of the group mentioned that they have recently quit. It’s amazing how the shared experience from others of various ages and backgrounds from around the United Sates and Canada can provide support in your journey. Everyone seems so different, they all have a common goal of self improvement. It takes discipline and consistency to produce results like Gina achieved. You can achieve so much more than weight loss, you can literally change your life!


“Included with thGinae T25 Challenge Pack, I started drinking Shakeology for breakfast everyday, and lunch on the weekends, generally, and really watched my calories. It was with the help of my coach, Robert Broussard, that I really got my nutrition in check. He helped me calculate my calorie goal/day and pit falls to watch out for in my diet. He also placed me in his Dedicated Republic Fall Challenge Group. It is here I met so many people on the same journey I am on, and they really kept me motivated. We checked in everyday and pushed each other and called each other out and supported each other. This group is really like another family to me, and I am forever grateful for the benefits of being in a challenge group. After 11 weeks, I had to delay a week due to a death in the family and traveling, I can say I am literally in the best shape of my life and feel amazing. I will continue to drink Shakeology everyday, mainly for me because I make them sweet and it satisfies my sweet tooth in a healthy way, I will always be running and part of a challenge group so I can continue to be influenced by others’ amazing journeys and be motivated to continue on mine, and I will start my next program as soon as it arrives, Focus T25 Gamma phase. I have never loved to workout, but my body desires it; my body desires to be healthy.” – Gina

Phillip M. – P90x Transformation

I would like to welcome Phillip M. to the 25 lb club! He lost 28 lbs in his first round of P90x. Phillip was a consistent member of his Challenge Group, posting his worksheets each day along with his crazy calorie burns on Kempo X!

I can’t help but look at this transformation and think of someone I know. The start weight, the end weight, the body type, all remind me of my first round of P90x. Which is pretty cool because Phillip will start his 2nd round on Monday and enter the world of 10 reps, where he will have what I call “10 rep problems” which include having to buy heavier weight. I really enjoyed 10 reps though…no more having to feel rushed because Tony and the others are doing 8 reps, and it just feels good to lift heavier weight!

Going into your 2nd round of P0x is a lot of fun because now know what to expect. No more surprises in Yoga, Warrior 3 starts to become obtainable (at least for me), ad it’s really cool to look back over your worksheets from day 1 to day 90 and see how far you have come, then you can just imagine would it would be like to see that kind of improvement AGAIN!

Well done Phillip! I look forward to see how you progress in your 2nd round!

Phillip Merrit Round 1 Resized

Rick S. – P90x Transformation

I thought it was so cool when Rick told me he worked out to P90x with his daughter. What an inspiration and example to follow as Rick started his P90x Transformation at the age of 51 and lost 36 lbs in two consecutive rounds! At 33 years old with two young boys of my own, I aspire to follow Rick’s example as I grow older to be an example to my sons. I hear so many excuses for why people will not start, or complete P90x, and I even get the age excuse: “Oh you’re young so of course you can do P90x!” I’m sorry, but that excuse is invalid. Rick is 51 years old, and Tony Horton is now 55 years old and I could not keep up with him during the group workout at Summit this year. The transformation pictures you see below represent 6 months of dedication.

Rick S. P90x Transformation

Day after day, week after week, month after month, Rick posted his P90x worksheets to my Challenge Groups. Through consistency, nutrition, and accountability, Rick lost 36 lbs in two rounds of P90x, with his 2nd round being a hybrid of Insanity and P90x, and he’s not stopping at P90x. Rick is currently in a Focus T25 Challenge group and has lost a few more pounds in his first few weeks. If you are interested in joining one of my Challenge Groups, and you are in the United States or Canada, please e-mail me at and feel free to connect with me on Facebook.