Body Beast Modification – Arnold Press

After having wrecked my shoulder early on in Body Beast (my own fault trying to be a hero!!), Chris from my Body Beast thread mentioned a fantastic substitute for the Arnold Press in the first Super Set of Bulk Back and it involves a Barbell and Olympic plates.  The Arnold Press is painful with a wrecked shoulder and a wrecked Bicep (why Chris found this alternative), and apparently a lot of us in the thread have a wrecked shoulder, so I want to post this here for anyone else in case they are looking for an alternative.   Watch how my shoulder is not destroyed at the end and that I can IMMEDIATELY go and Upright Row 95 lbs for 15 reps on the next set, when just last week I barely got 95 lbs for 8 reps in the same progressive set! The idea is that this substitute works similar muscle groups without the pain. I must say it was very effective and kept a lot of stress out of my problem areas. Will probably do this from now on instead of the Arnold Press…whatever this exercise is called. Thanks Chris!


P90x Moment

Those who have crushed the P90x program with a disciplined diet and work ethic have probably experienced a P90x Moment. It may be the first time you take off your shirt in front of people who haven’t seen you in a while, or having to buy smaller pants..etc. Well…here is my P90x moment, and it happened on day 82 of my 1st round.




I absolutely have to thank my coach Charlie Sison for the nutritional support, motivation, and providing an avenue on Facebook for accountability for my success with P90x. Working with my coach took my P90x Round 2 results to the next level, and ultimately becoming one of the Beachbody Challenge Winners for October 2012. Talk about motivation to keep going. Now that I am a coach, it is my goal to make all of my clients Beachbody Challenge Winners as well. Challenge Groups are the best way to succeed with the Beachbody programs as you are paired with people with similar goals with the same start and end date. The people I am coaching now are discovering same benefits that I had in a challenge group and I hope to feature their success stories here at Dedicated Republic with a similar picture below! Please visit the Contact Me page and fill out form if you are interested in joining a Challenge Group.


How to Count Calories

A lot of people use My Fitness Pal and other apps to keep up with the calories. I just wanted to show you how I count calories for myself and my clients (who also get personalized nutrition plans in spreadsheets). If you don’t get anything else from this video then at least remember this: 1 gram of fat = 9 calories, 1 gram of protein = 4 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories, and most manufacturers don’t count calories of carbs from fiber.


Being a Food Carrier

Over the weekend my family and I went to some local Fall Festival with the kids and my wife packed some snacks and actually a lunch for everyone (I had no idea). I completely underestimated how long the day would run as we went to a local park after the Fall Festival and we arrived about lunch time. With Body Beast and Body Building in general, you almost have to make a conscious effort to eat, even when you are not hungry. You have to feed the machine! As we were getting the food out, I discovered that she packed my 1/3 box of wheat pasta and found a bag of almonds. My wife is awesome in that she remembered to bring what I needed even though I completely forgot. So I sat there eating my 1/3 box of wheat pasta and 1/4 cup of almonds right there on the park bench. Even on the weekends you need to be a food carrier!

Body Building Meal Prep

So every day I bring a lot of food to work for snacks, lunch, and sometimes dinner. The Book of Beast talks about being “Food Carriers,” but before we can be “Food Carriers” we must be “Food Preparers” so that is why I put this video together. It shows how little time it takes to prepare my lunches, snacks, and dinners. I’m tired of hearing excuses like “I can’t cook!” or “I don’t have time!” or whatever. If you can boil water and push a few buttons then you can eat what I am eating.

How to improve your pullups.

What’s the best way to improve your pullups? Basically…do more pullups! I ended up building an outdoor pullup bar in my backyard, and I decided that I would start doing pullups on it every time I walked by the pullup bar. So when I took my kids out to play, or on round of mowing the backyard I would hop of the mower and bang out a few pullups and keep on mowing. If you have a door frame pullup bar then I would suggest doing a few pullups as you walk by it. If you can’t do a pullup yet you might consider the Chin Up Max for adjustable support while doing pullups. Even if you can do pullups adding the Chin Up Max for spotting after failure will take your skill to the next level…even to Muscle Ups! You can even make this a family affair when you take your kids to the park!




Body Beast Day 30 Results

Putting in the work despite a hurt shoulder. This past week I also replaced my morning protein shake with Shakeology and went up to 4000 calories, then started losing weight. I ended up grinding in oatmeal with the morning shake. So far I’m grinding 1 cup of Oatmeal with the Chocolate Banana Nutter recipe. I think I’m going to go up to 1.5 cups of oatmeal in the coming week (I have a lot of oatmeal left over from my P90x journey). I want to put on MMMMMAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! Down 1 lb this week despite eating like a rabid dog and taking 2 off days between the Bulk Shoulders and Bulk Chest workouts.

Body Beast Drop Set and Hitting Rep Goals

This video illustrates the concept of the drop set in Body Beast where you do two sets of 8 reps back to back dropping weight on your 2nd set. In this video I illustrate how I deal with getting behind in reps with the guys in the video (who are sandbagging!) and I actually fail on the drop set (2nd set of 8) and I drop weight to hit my rep goal. I also show how I mark up my worksheet to reflect the failure on the drop set.