Body Beast Day 60 Results

Still eating like a horse and ended up eating 4000 to 4200 calories to get my weight up to 197 lbs. My strength has definitly improved and my worksheets clearly indicate this. I like to draw a box over any improvements I have in my worksheets as it motivates me to keep “Going Up Wit Da Weight!”  MyDay 1 and Day 60 measurements are below…arms up 1.5 inches.  Bulk phase end, Beast Mode begin, time to get infomercial ready!

P90x 6 Month Transformation

I started P90x in February of 2012 and completed two consecutive rounds. On my first round I had pretty good results but I “lone wolfed it” in that I was on my own to figure everything out.  In my 2nd round of I joined a Challenge Group led by a coach and my results went to another level. 

I have since become a Beachbody Coach as I have found my passion for fitness again, and I get fulfillment out of helping others achieve their goals. A short video showing my transformation is below. If you are struggling to reach your fitness goals and would like the support of a coach and an entire TEAM of people to encourage you along the way then all you have to do is make me your coach.

Also feel free to add and connect with me on Facebook where I can give you a preview of what a Challenge Group looks like, and we can start working towards your goals.


About Me

Robert Broussard

I am 32 years old, married, and father of two toddler boys who I want to remain healthy for. My wife is supportive of my new “lifestyle,” which is what you have to change to get the results you are looking for. After a few rounds of Physical Therapy on an 8 year back injury (caused by what I love doing…lifting weights!), I have recently completed my 2nd straight round of P90x, having lost 35 lbs, and am now starting Body Beast. So I’m slowly getting back into my passion of Body Building. I have started a Body Beast accountability thread to hold myself accountable to my new goal of getting JACK RIPPED SWOLE! And I discovered after a few weeks of hosting this accountability thread that I really enjoy motivating others and watching them reach their goals and potential.

My results are a product of good coaching and now I want to return the favor. Good luck in your fitness goals and let me know if I can be of any help. Here are my P90x transformation pictures along with current Body Beast Progress.





Body Beast Day 30 Results

Putting in the work despite a hurt shoulder. This past week I also replaced my morning protein shake with Shakeology and went up to 4000 calories, then started losing weight. I ended up grinding in oatmeal with the morning shake. So far I’m grinding 1 cup of Oatmeal with the Chocolate Banana Nutter recipe. I think I’m going to go up to 1.5 cups of oatmeal in the coming week (I have a lot of oatmeal left over from my P90x journey). I want to put on MMMMMAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! Down 1 lb this week despite eating like a rabid dog and taking 2 off days between the Bulk Shoulders and Bulk Chest workouts.