Body Beast Transformation – Aaron C.

For everyone that does not believe that a 20 lb gain is possible in 90 days, let me introduce you to Aaron C.  Day, after day, after day I have seen Aaron post his Body Beast worksheets to his Facebook Challenge Group, and week after week after week, Aaron’s weekly accountability pictures kept showing the results of his hard work.

There’s nothing magical here.  There is no secret.  You just do 6 simple things per day.  Workout, and eat 5 times.  Do this and your incremental improvements will compound over time.  Whether you are bulking up, or simply losing weight.  You will not go hungry.  You will not eat weird foods.  I will ask you to eat a balanced diet which WILL INCLUDE carbs.  Carbs are good for you..just ask Aaron, as 50% of all his calories over the last 90 days came from carbs on a 3000+ calorie diet.

I have just decided that if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it.  I talk to many people who just make excuses for why they do not have results…why they are quitting, or why they will not start, why they did not get out of bed, why they did not go to bed earlier…or why they cannot do in one year, what Aaron just did in 90 days.  These same people will try to label the ones who are making efforts…

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