Why I like Being a Coach!

His name is Arel Farrington, and he lives in St Thomas Virgin Islands (US Territory), and he is recovering from a motorcycle accident in December 2011 where he was walking home from work and a motorcycle lost control and hit him. He has had six surgeries on his right leg (they pulled some muscle from his stomach to put on his leg), and this guy loves to dance. Arel wants to lose 45 pounds so it is easier for him to dance. I had a chance to speak with Arel the other day let me just say his attitude given his situation is very inspirational, and I’m honored to have him in my P90x Challenge Group starting November 5th. If you want to join Arel in this P90x group that will finish just in time for Valentines Day, please fill out the information on my contact page. Arel found me from my P90x Transformation video on YouTube, but his YouTube channel is so much more interesting. Check out Arel’s Mad SKillz below!!

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