Two New Coaches in the 100 lb club!!

So it appears we have 2 new coaches in the Dedicated Republic team who not only lost over 100 lbs each, but both are Beachbody Challenge Winners during the SAME month in different age categories, AND…both have are in the running to be considered one of the finalist for the $100,000 Beachbody Challenge Grand Prize this year in Indianapolis at the yearly Coach Conference (Summit).

The cool part is that Jeff RogersĀ personally sponsored Rigo into this business after Rigo hung out with our support group using our Guest Pass system in February.

Though both coaches won the Beachbody Challenge, they had no idea they won in the same month until Rigo saw it on the Beachbody Challenge webpage.

So how cool is that?!? So this now makes 6 Dedicated Republic Coaches in the 100 lb club…100 or more lbs lost!!!

Sometimes I get a bad wrap for appearing to focus on bodybuilding and that could not be further from the truth. While bodybuilding is a passion of mine, so is CHANGING SOMEONE’S LIFE.

And not just the of the customer/client, but those of the lives of their family members as the newly learned habits and postive outlooks on life tend to trickle down or at least have a positive impact to the immediate family members.

Most people I work with honestly have zero intentions of getting on the stage, in fact most I work with just want to lose weight and are just looking for how to start with a busy schedule, full time job, and a family.

If this is you I would encourage you to reach out so we can at least start the conversation. From time to time I allow guests into our support system producing these success stories you see in the image below and you could get an idea of what it’s like to have an entire team of people who have not only been where you are, but succeeded in the goals you are trying to reach.

How would you like to meet Jeff and Rigo? Well you can!! They are regular contributors in our March Challenge group and they both get on the weekly Video Support calls I host on Thursday nights.


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