Successful People Find a Way

I hear so many excuses from people talking about why they can’t make a change in their life. I just want to show everyone what in an inspiring person has been doing to achieve a fitness goal. Previous attempts at P90x and Body Beast have been unsuccessful do to previous injuries flaring up, so I asked this person, “What CAN you do?” The response I got, “I love riding my bike.”

You just need to be at a deficit in calories to lose weight, and riding a bike is one of many ways to burn calories. Nutrition is also key in reaching fitness goals, but so is consistency. Daily tracking in fitness and nutrition can ensure that weekly goals with weight loss are obtained, but you must track them. The image below was recently posted in one of my Support Groups to show everyone how one can lose weight from simply riding a bike around the neighborhood. If it sounds simple, it is because it is. Weight loss is just a numbers game. The image below shows the work of an individual who refuses to quit, who will not give up. Successful people find a way.



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