Rick S. – P90x Transformation

I thought it was so cool when Rick told me he worked out to P90x with his daughter. What an inspiration and example to follow as Rick started his P90x Transformation at the age of 51 and lost 36 lbs in two consecutive rounds! At 33 years old with two young boys of my own, I aspire to follow Rick’s example as I grow older to be an example to my sons. I hear so many excuses for why people will not start, or complete P90x, and I even get the age excuse: “Oh you’re young so of course you can do P90x!” I’m sorry, but that excuse is invalid. Rick is 51 years old, and Tony Horton is now 55 years old and I could not keep up with him during the group workout at Summit this year. The transformation pictures you see below represent 6 months of dedication.

Rick S. P90x Transformation

Day after day, week after week, month after month, Rick posted his P90x worksheets to my Challenge Groups. Through consistency, nutrition, and accountability, Rick lost 36 lbs in two rounds of P90x, with his 2nd round being a hybrid of Insanity and P90x, and he’s not stopping at P90x. Rick is currently in a Focus T25 Challenge group and has lost a few more pounds in his first few weeks. If you are interested in joining one of my Challenge Groups, and you are in the United States or Canada, please e-mail me at robert@dedicatedrepublic.com and feel free to connect with me on Facebook.

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