Praying for the Philippines (Super Typhoon Haiyan)

I married a beautiful woman born in the Philippines and had a chance to travel to Manila and later spend a week on the Island of Cebu in the Summer of 2011. Some of the most humble, hospitable, and happy people I have ever met in my life live in the Philippines.  Everywhere we went…people were smiling…no matter the circumstance.

medellin cebu>

I can’t imagine how Cebu is at the moment though I have seen some pictures come through the news feeds and through Facebook.   A slideshow of our trip to the Philippines is below. Many in this video are affected by the Typhoon. Lost roofs, broken windows, rain soaked belongings…so far as I know, our family members are safe, but they are not without losses. A majority of these images in this video below were taken on the Island of Cebu…a beautiful place.  Praying for the Philippines.

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