P90X3 Results (Week 3)

I am really impressed with results I see coming from the Dedicated Republic team members. In just the first week alone Phillip M. lost 6 lbs, Lauren L. lost 7 lbs, and Aaron C. lost 5 lbs. I have just finished the 3rd week an I am down 7 lbs. Starting at 198 lbs and ending up at 191 lbs. I am really trying to stay around 190 lbs so it looks like I am going to have to start eating more. X3 is the real deal and it is only 30 minutes per day. I must say that my favorite workouts are “The Challenge” and “CVX.” I look forward to next phase of this program and getting shredded with the rest of the team.

If you want to considering the P90X3 program and would love the nutritional support of the coach and an accountability from an entire team of people who are going through transformations as well I would encourage you to add and connect with me on Facebook, or just use the contact form on the bottom right hand corner of this webpage. We can just review your goals and map out and execute a plan to get there.

P90X Transfomation - Robert Broussard - Week 3


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