New Years Challenge Groups Starting Soon

About to shed some of this holiday weight with X3. Anyone want to join me? This hat that I am wearing comes with your P90X3 DVD ONLY until December 31st. Some of the “X3 Crew” did not want to wait until the new year and have already started…and the posted calorie burns are mind blowing. I’m seeing 500+ calories burned from Jason Butler in a 30 minute X3 workouts. The start date of this Test Group is Monday January 6th so their is plenty of time.

Send me an e-mail to or add and message me on Facebook and let’s start working on your goals.

Not sure what program is best for you? Then let’s talk! I have clients losing weight just walking, and clients losing weight doing Crossfit. I don’t care if you like to hopscotch daisy’s because we will find a program for you. As always, I work personally with all my clients on nutrition specific to their goals (simple weight loss, fat loss, bodybuilding) and hold them accountable in my private Facebook Groups. This is the system that I am a product of a system that IS CHANGING LIVES.

P90X3 Robert X3 Results

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