How to Mark Up Body Beast Worksheets

Okay so we all have seen the work sheets for Body Beast, but how much thought have you put into writing things down?  What kinds of notation might you use that would benefit you on the next workout?  How do you handle and write down failures?  I find myself talking about worksheets a lot as they are so important to your results.  Properly writing down the worksheets let you know what to do on the current workout because you know where you have been.

Take the worksheet below posted to a Challenge Group from one my Rockstars going through Body Beast.  She has drawn boxes around all sets she improved on from the previous Build Shoulders workout.  You can also see how she handles failures in the Shoulder Press for example.  When trying for 12 reps using 12 lb dumbbells she reached failure after 7 reps, then dropped the weight to 10 lb dumbbells to finish out the last 5 reps.  Next week she may try to use the 12 lb dumbbells again and make it all the way to 12 reps, but if she doesn’t, and reaches failure at a higher rep than the 7th, she will box that set as it is an improvement.

The small incremental improvements you make will compound over time.  Boxing up your improvements will clearly show you how you are improving each week.  Do this for 90 days and watch how strong you can get on Body Beast!


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Body Beast Worksheets

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