How to increase your pullups.

I just wanted to share what P90X3 has done for my wife in terms of increasing pullups.  She started X3 with the limiting believe that “I can’t do pullups.” I noticed this limiting believe by simply looking at her Total Synergistics worksheet…as all of her pullups were assisted.

I know well and good that she could at least do one pullup as seeing her do three pullups two years ago motivate me to start P90x in the first place (I could only do one at the time), so when I told her to go to failure on pullups before assisting them she found out she could do three. She then made pullups her mission on X3, so before and after every workout she goes to failure on pullups. Today she has just finished her 10th week of P90X3, and how fitting it is that she can now do 10 unassisted pullups!!

Keep going, and squash your limiting beliefs!! If my awesome wife can go from 3 pullups to 10 in in 10 weeks, there’s no reason you guys can’t do the same. Take yourself to another level on these workouts.  There is a slight edge difference in how the Dedicated Republic do P90x, and how others do P90X.  The difference is small…but the results compound over time.

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