How to improve your pullups.

What’s the best way to improve your pullups? Basically…do more pullups! I ended up building an outdoor pullup bar in my backyard, and I decided that I would start doing pullups on it every time I walked by the pullup bar. So when I took my kids out to play, or on round of mowing the backyard I would hop of the mower and bang out a few pullups and keep on mowing. If you have a door frame pullup bar then I would suggest doing a few pullups as you walk by it. If you can’t do a pullup yet you might consider the Chin Up Max for adjustable support while doing pullups. Even if you can do pullups adding the Chin Up Max for spotting after failure will take your skill to the next level…even to Muscle Ups! You can even make this a family affair when you take your kids to the park!




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