Gina D. – T25 Transformation (Alpha and Beta)

“If I quit smoking I’ll gain weight…” is just another excuse that the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED. I have to congratulate one of the Dedicated Republic team members, Gina D. on being 8 weeks smoke free! Not only did Gina quit smoking during her journey with Focus T25, she lost just over 10 lbs and over 14 inches along the way! Did I mention she completely transformed her body?! Check out her transformation below!


Focus T25 Transformation - Gina D
Gina had the support and accountability of my T25 Challenge Group. It’s amazing what can happen inside a Challenge Group. Early on Gina admitted she was trying to quit smoking and then we found out that other members of this group were trying to quit as well, and then other members of the group mentioned that they have recently quit. It’s amazing how the shared experience from others of various ages and backgrounds from around the United Sates and Canada can provide support in your journey. Everyone seems so different, they all have a common goal of self improvement. It takes discipline and consistency to produce results like Gina achieved. You can achieve so much more than weight loss, you can literally change your life!


“Included with thGinae T25 Challenge Pack, I started drinking Shakeology for breakfast everyday, and lunch on the weekends, generally, and really watched my calories. It was with the help of my coach, Robert Broussard, that I really got my nutrition in check. He helped me calculate my calorie goal/day and pit falls to watch out for in my diet. He also placed me in his Dedicated Republic Fall Challenge Group. It is here I met so many people on the same journey I am on, and they really kept me motivated. We checked in everyday and pushed each other and called each other out and supported each other. This group is really like another family to me, and I am forever grateful for the benefits of being in a challenge group. After 11 weeks, I had to delay a week due to a death in the family and traveling, I can say I am literally in the best shape of my life and feel amazing. I will continue to drink Shakeology everyday, mainly for me because I make them sweet and it satisfies my sweet tooth in a healthy way, I will always be running and part of a challenge group so I can continue to be influenced by others’ amazing journeys and be motivated to continue on mine, and I will start my next program as soon as it arrives, Focus T25 Gamma phase. I have never loved to workout, but my body desires it; my body desires to be healthy.” – Gina

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