Failing to Plan is Planning To Fail

I have been coaching for a little over a year now…and the number one reason I see people fail to reach their goals is not planning their nutrition. I find that most people will do the workouts. But when the scale or the mirror doesn’t show the desired result after a week of working out, some people tend to quit and blame the workout for not being good.

I am working with people are are physically not able to workout, yet they are losing weight simply eating a a caloric deficit. Weight Loss and Body Building is just a numbers game to me. I help my supplement and dvd customers with the numbers along with meal planning using the nutritional calculators of Beachbody (find them in my Tools section). What I find is that most people just need to be pointed in the right direction, and after a few weeks of measuring results and making the appropriate adjustments they start to believe that YES…this really is just a numbers game…coupled with consistency. My Challenge Groups provide the support and accountability to help someone stay consistent. If you are looking for help in starting your fitness journey, or just need to be pointed in the right direction. I would encourage you to e-mail me at or just add me on Facebook and we can chat there.

Failing to Plan Is Planning To Fail

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