Dream Big – Coaching Opportunity

Wow!! What can I say? My wife and I just returned from the Coach Summit at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where we got to meet the trainers for Beachbody and here some amazing success stories (both physical and financial). But one of the best parts about this trip was meeting one my of clients in person who lives in Las Vegas. I had the honor to take him around to see the trainers and get him an advanced copy of the new T25 workout program at my discount. Hearing his weight loss success in person is just AMAZING and just puts a huge smile on my face…over 30 pounds in two months on Insanity!

If you believe in making a difference in peoples lives and you have a passion for fitness then please contact me about the Coaching Opportunity and we can see if it is right for you…as the Dedicated Republic is growing and I am excited about the difference we can make over the coming years!

The Beast Himself

Dream Big!

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