Coach Summit in 2 weeks!

I must say my wife and I have really been putting in the time in the gym. I have to give her a special shout out for becocming one of the P90X3 Coach Success Story contest winners and she’ll be in the VIP section during one of Tony’s morning group workouts. It’s so surreal now…as she inspired me to start P90X in the first place…now we both are official success stories for P90X!

If you are going to summit drop by and say hi as she is now up to 15 pullups!!! My original motivation for stepping up my fitness was to enter the Beachbody Classic but unfortunately I will not be able to make that event. I am however progressing with my fitness as if I am competing learning so much in the process. I attribute 100% of my success so far to a solid plan and CONSISTENCY!! I have been prepping my meals over the last two months with an additional cardio schedule added to my weight routine. The result is what you see below. I am weighing in at 188 lbs yet my arms are 17 inches. Diet is everything and also the most overlooked item in fitness. Yes you lift…but Do You Even Mealprep?

If you need help with motivation, meal prep, or a routine, or just do not know where to start I would encourage you to add and connect with me on Facebook, use the contact form on this website, or send me an e-mail to and let’s just start the conversation. We love what we do.

Body Beast Transformation - Robert MaryJane

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