Cheat Meal Advice

While dieting down it is common for people to think they have to give up everything. I encourage people to have a cheat meal once a week.   Notice I said Cheat Meal and not Cheat Day!!  For me it is always Saturday night and it is usually family date night or date night with MaryJane. It is mandatory to leave the house and eat somewhere…so glad we started this a year ago while prepping for the Beachbody Classic.

Here is my cheat meal from this saturday. I was down 3 lbs on the week and needed to make up some calories…plus I’m love the Monte Cristo meal so I added it to my usual steak and ribs. See…I splurge sometimes…but once and only once per week.

Sometimes I dream about this meal during the week especially if I’m low carbing it…makes it that much more satisfying. Now on the Cheat Meal it is best to limit it to 45 minutes or less and for me it takes the place of meals 5 and 6 on Saturday…so I do not eat again on the day after this meal. Also it is best to keep the Cheat Meal to night time as eating it over lunch may lead to more cheating throughout the day.

Cheat Meal 1 Dedicated Republic

Cheat Meal 2 Dedicated Republic

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