Body Beast Modification – Arnold Press

After having wrecked my shoulder early on in Body Beast (my own fault trying to be a hero!!), Chris from my Body Beast thread mentioned a fantastic substitute for the Arnold Press in the first Super Set of Bulk Back and it involves a Barbell and Olympic plates.  The Arnold Press is painful with a wrecked shoulder and a wrecked Bicep (why Chris found this alternative), and apparently a lot of us in the thread have a wrecked shoulder, so I want to post this here for anyone else in case they are looking for an alternative.   Watch how my shoulder is not destroyed at the end and that I can IMMEDIATELY go and Upright Row 95 lbs for 15 reps on the next set, when just last week I barely got 95 lbs for 8 reps in the same progressive set! The idea is that this substitute works similar muscle groups without the pain. I must say it was very effective and kept a lot of stress out of my problem areas. Will probably do this from now on instead of the Arnold Press…whatever this exercise is called. Thanks Chris!


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